Warriors’ chill skills give them a key edge in NBA playoffs

the Golden State Warriors are masters of the Art of the Chill, and that gives them an edge over their rivals in the quest for a championship.

The NBA playoffs are an emotional roller-coaster. For the fans, that’s exhilarating, but for the players it can be debilitating. So the players — with one notable exception — seek to avoid the thriller highs and the killer lows.

The ability to find that shelter from the storm is a skill that can be developed and honored. The Warriors’ core group of veteran stars have spent years mastering the art. This is their sixth trip to the Western Conference finals in the past eight seasons.

Maybe we can learn all life lessons in handling pressure by studying Team Chill.

It helps to have a steady hand on the wheel, and the warriors have coach steve kerr, who earned his black belt in serenity as a player during five successful NBA title runs.

“A big part of handling the playoffs, as a player and as a coach, is handling the noise, handling the passion that’s out there,” Kerr said recently. “The NBA playoffs are such a grind that getting through it, if you go to the Finals, it’s literally two months where you play a game, there’s a bunch of noise, you’re waiting for the next game to start, you play again , there’s more noise.

“So you have to have the ability to focus and get away from that, whatever that means. I recommend to the players, don’t read anything (about the playoffs), don’t listen to anything. Watch a movie, read a book, go play golf, anything you can to just relieve some of the natural stress that comes with high-level competition, and keep away from all the stuff that’s out there, because it really doesn’t help you .”

Stephen Curry says he goes into every playoff game jacked up emotionally to “that 10 out of 10 level.” In between games, though?

“You can find ways to keep things normal outside the locker room and arena, try to keep life normal, so you can slow down that way,” Curry said during the opening-round series against Denver. “I was telling my wife yesterday, I’d forgotten how long the playoffs actually are. We haven’t even played five games yet and you’re thinking, ‘All the commotion, all the noise, in just this amount of time.’ … You have to pace yourself in between games so you don’t wear yourself out mentally.”

Curry has been known to sneak in a round or two of golf during the playoffs, and he’s got three busy kids.

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