FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

The World Cup heads to Qatar for 2022 where the world’s best soccer nations meet for the 22nd playing of soccer’s biggest tournament.

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Soccer’s most prestigious tournament kicks off in November 2022, with bettors in Canada and the United States eager to bet on the World Cup.

World Cup odds

Brazil has the best odds of winning the World Cup in 2022. They sit atop the odds board as a slight +450 favorite over England and 2018 champions France at +550.

World Cup teams and groups

The United States returns to the World Cup stage for the first time since 2014, joined by their northern neighbors Canada, who qualified for their first World Cup appearance since 1986.

On April 1, countries were drawn into their groups. Here is a full list of World Cup teams and groups for 2022.

Group A Group B Gropu C Group D
Qatar England Argentina France
Ecuador Iran Saudi Arabia Australia
Senegal United States Mexico Denmark
Netherlands Wales Poland Tunisia
Group E Group F Group G Group H
Spain Belgium Brazil Portugal
Costa Rica Canada Serbia Ghana
Germany Morocco Switzerland Uruguay
Japan Croatia Cameroon Korea Republic

World Cup tournament format

With the teams divided into groups, the World Cup begins with the group stages, where each team plays in a round-robin again their group.

The top two teams in each group advance to the knockout stage where teams are ranked by points. The knockout stage is a single-elimination phase of the tournament consisting of 16 teams and ending with a third-place match and the World Cup final.

World Cup schedule

Due to the extreme heat of summer in Qatar, the World Cup will be played in November and December this year.

World Cup Group Stage schedule

dates time match
Nov 21 5 am ET Senegal vs Netherlands
Nov 21 8 am ET England vs Iran
Nov 21 11 am ET Qatar vs Ecuador
Nov 21 2pm ET USA vs Wales
Nov 22 5 am ET Argentina vs Saudi Arabia
Nov 22 8 am ET Denmark vs Tunisia
Nov 22 11 am ET Mexico vs Poland
Nov 22 2pm ET France vs Australia
Nov 23 5 am ET Morocco vs. Croatia
Nov 23 8 am ET Germany vs Japan
Nov 23 11 am ET Spain vs Costa Rica
Nov 23 2pm ET Belgium vs Canada
Nov 24 5 am ET Switzerland vs Cameroon
Nov 24 8 am ET Uruguay vs South Korea
Nov 24 11 am ET Portugal vs Ghana
Nov 24 2pm ET Brazil vs Serbia
Nov 25 5 am ET Wales vs Iran
Nov 25 8 am ET Qatar vs Senegal
Nov 25 11 am ET Netherlands vs Ecuador
Nov 25 2pm ET England vs USA
Nov 26 5 am ET Tunisia vs Australia
Nov 26 8 am ET Poland vs Saudi Arabia
Nov 26 11 am ET France vs Denmark
Nov 26 2pm ET Argentina vs Mexico
Nov 27 5 am ET Japan vs Costa Rica
Nov 27 8 am ET Belgium vs Morocco
Nov 27 11 am ET Croatia vs Canada
Nov 27 2pm ET Spain vs Germany
Nov 28 5 am ET Cameroon vs Serbia
Nov 28 8 am ET South Korea vs Ghana
Nov 28 11 am ET Brazil vs Switzerland
Nov 28 2pm ET Portugal vs Uruguay
Nov 29 10 am ET Ecuador vs Senegal
Nov 29 10 am ET Netherlands vs Qatar
Nov 29 2pm ET Iran vs USA
Nov 29 2pm ET Wales vs England
Nov 30 10 am ET Tunisia vs France
Nov 30 10 am ET Australia vs Denmark
Nov 30 2pm ET Poland vs Argentina
Nov 30 2 pm Saudi Arabia vs Mexico
Dec 1 10 am ET Croatia vs Belgium
Dec 1 10 am ET Canada vs Morocco
Dec 1 2pm ET Japan vs Spain
Dec 1 2pm ET Costa Rica vs Germany
Dec 2 10 am ET South Korea vs Portugal
Dec 2 10 am ET Ghana vs Uruguay
Dec 2 2pm ET Serbia vs Switzerland
Dec 2 2pm ET Cameroon vs Brazil

World Cup Round of 16 schedule

dates time match
Dec 3 10 am ET TBD
Dec 3 2pm ET TBD
Dec 4 10 am ET TBD
Dec 4 2pm ET TBD
Dec 5 10 am ET TBD
Dec 5 2pm ET TBD
Dec 6 10 am ET TBD
Dec 6 2pm ET TBD

World Cup Quarterfinals schedule

dates time match
Dec 9 10 am ET TBD
Dec 9 2pm ET TBD
Dec 10 10 am ET TBD
Dec 10 2pm ET TBD

World Cup Semifinals schedule

dates time match
Dec 13 2pm ET TBD
Dec 14 2pm ET TBD

World Cup Third-place match date and time

dates time match
Dec 17 10 am ET TBD

World Cup final date and time

dates time match
Dec 18 10 am ET TBD

Watching the World Cup

For North American audiences World Cup games in Qatar will range in start times from 5 am to 2 pm ET.

How to bet on soccer

With North America fully engaged in World Cup hype, there will be plenty of new bettors looking to place wagers on their country and the players sporting their colors. learning how to bet on soccer means understanding the odds and knowing a few basic tips on how to handicap a soccer match.

Best soccer betting sites

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