Experts say these exercises burn the most calories in 30 minutes

Summer is fast approaching, and many people hitting the gym in a bid to boost their fitness levels and their confidence.

There are so many videos that claim one exercise or method is better than another, and that you should never do another specific one – but generally, any form of exercise that gets your body moving and your heart pumping is going to be good for you.

But for those of you who are more focused on getting results and getting them fast, one expert has claimed that they have identified that these exercises will help you to burn the most calories in 30 minutes.

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Fitness experts at assessed a range of different exercises to identify the 10 which burned the most calories. They based their analysis on how many calories a 30-year-old 190 lbs (86KG) male and 30-year-old 125lbs (57KG) woman burned while doing each of the exercises.

They found that vertical climbers are the most effective exercise according to the new data. The exercise burned on average 617 calories for men and 389 for women in 30 minutes.

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They claim that the activity of climbing engages your entire body and is both a cardio and strength training exercise. The exercise engages your hamstrings, glutes, quads, back, chest, core and arms and depending on your grip, can focus on different upper body muscles as you are climbing upwards.

For example, using an overhand grip, the same you would in a pull-up, will target more of your upper back. In comparison, if you use an underhand grip, the same that you would use in a chin up, you will target your biceps.

The second most effective exercise for burning calories is an all-out effort stationary cycle. This exercise results in 451 calories burnt in 30 minutes for men and 285 calories for women.

Quads and hamstrings are typically targeted in a stationary cycle with an aim to help to build strength in your legs and lower body. When you are pedaling, your abdominal muscles also contract to maintain balance – engaging this core muscle too.

Coming in third is resistance strength training which can burn 371 calories for men and 234 for women. This exercise targets the major muscle groups such as the chest, back, legs, shoulders, biceps, triceps and core and it increases muscle strength by getting your muscles to work against a weight or force. Resistance training can be completed using free weights, machines, resistance bands or simply your own body weight.

The top ten most effective exercises:

  1. Vertical climber – calories burned: Men – 617 calories, women – 389
  2. stationary cycle – calories burned: Men – 451 calories, women – 285
  3. Resistance training – calories burned: Men – 371 calories, women – 234
  4. bodyweight circuits – calories burned: Men – 370 calories, women – 229
  5. Running – calories burned: Men – 365 calories, women – 222
  6. boot camp classes – calories burned: men – 357 calories, women – 220
  7. treadmill walking – calories burned: men – 308 calories, women – 211
  8. traditional strengths raining – calories burned: men – 217 calories, women – 137
  9. Pilates – calories burned: men – 158 calories, women – 100
  10. Yoga – calories burned: Men – 113 calories, women – 71

A spokesperson for commented on the findings. They said: “In the modern world and its fast-paced culture, it is difficult to find the time for your exercise regime. This research shows the best exercises to burn those calories in only 30 minutes and demonstrates there is a range of exercises and benefits to suit a variety of people on their journey to better health.

“A huge benefit of these exercises is the number of calories burnt; however, they provide many other health benefits such as improving strength, mental well-being and overall happiness. There is an exercise out there for everyone and it is exciting to find your perfect fit – or a variety of workouts.”

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