2022 CrossFit Games Event One “Bike to Work” Results — Adams Sets the Pace

The first of 13 events for Individual division athletes at the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games got underground in Madison, WI, at 9:00 am CDT. The 40 Individual Men and 40 Individual Women opened the biggest CrossFit competition of the year with the following workout that combines long bike rides and gymnastics:

Workout One — “Bike to Work”

For time:

Time cap: 50 minutes

Each individual was fitted to a Trek bike featuring multi-surface purpose tires for this contest. For the bike portion of this event, athletes will leave the North Park and ride five laps of a one-mile course. With a 50-minute time cap, the athletes knew this event was calling for a steadier pace for longer.

Here are the Workout One Results:

Individual Women’s Results

  1. Haley Adams — 38:23.74
  2. Tia Clair Toomey — 38:26.64
  3. Emma Lawson — 38.30.48
  4. Alexis Raptis — 39.01.04
  5. Laura Horvath — 01/39/25
  6. Mal O’Brien — 39.06.04
  7. Matilde Garnes — 39.07.12
  8. Danielle Brandon — 39.38.29
  9. Lucy Campbell — 39.43.56
  10. Kara Saunders — 39.59.64

Four rookies scored in the top 10 — Lawson, Raptis, Garnes, and Campbell.

Individual Men’s Results

This article will be updated when Men’s results are in.

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Bike to Work Recap

The Individual Women were first to the field of play with much of the attention on five-time reigning Fittest Woman on Earth®, Tia Clair Toomey. She would become the all-time winningest Individual CrossFitter ever if she claims the Games title for the sixth consecutive time.

All 40 women sprinted to the rig to knock out their 75 toes-to-bar, which the commentary team considered critical. They did not believe there was much room to maneuver during the workout once athletes were on the bikes. toomey, Haley Adamsand Matilde Garnes were the first to reach the bike course. The rest of the heat jumbled in a crowd as they moved from the arena to the bike course.

Laura Horvath quickly took the lead and was noted to have had the fastest test run on the bike portion before the contest began. She navigated the ever-changing terrain, from flat road to grass to gravel, and all the twists and turns to complete lap one first with an unofficial 10-second lead.

Through the second lap, Horvath extended her unofficial lead to 15 seconds, and it quickly became her event to lose. Adams, Toomey, and Emily Rolfe stayed tightly together behind Horvath, and the rest of the field was a good distance behind them. Horvath lapped Michelle Merandheading into lap three with a 14-second lead over Adams in second.

Horvath’s wide lead continued as she entered the stadium for chest-to-bar pull-ups. Adams pulled away from Toomey and Rolfe to assume a clear second place position. Toomey was in third, leading the group of Garnes, Rolfe, Emma Lawson, and Alexis Raptis. Horvath finished the bike ride at a time of 15:58.

Adams and Toomey churned through the chest-to-bar pull-ups to overtake Horvath. Toomey finished larger sets of the pull ups to get onto the bike course first, making up a 45-second deficit. Adams was tight on her heels, and it didn’t take long for Adams to take the overall lead — 20 seconds ahead of Horvath.

The field appeared to look more cluttered as Adams and Toomey started lapping groups of athletes maintaining slower paces. Adams held the dominant position that Horvath assumed early on.

Cameras spent a lot of time focused on Lawson’s drafting strategy behind Toomey, meaning Lawson stayed very tight to Toomey’s hind wheel. At this point in the event, the commentary team seemed to consider Adams the defacto winner, given her long lead of approximately 12 seconds over Lawson and Toomey. Adams sprinted to the finish line to claim her first career event win at the Games.

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On To Workout Two

The second event on Day One of competition consists of two individual workouts, each of which will be worth a full event’s worth of points. Titled the “Shuttle to Overhead,” it combines running other jerks and will start at 1:00 pm CDT. The third and fourth workouts in Day One are scheduled for 4:30 pm CDT and 7:00 pm CDT, respectively.

Individual athletes want Compete in 13 workouts throughout the five-day competition, with a rest day on Aug. 4, 2022. There will be a cut of 10 athletes in each individual division before the final day of competition.

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